About Our Business:

Divadom Entertainment Group was started in September 2003 by CEO Nikki Wade,
who envisioned creating a company that would expose independent artists to
mainstream audiences and accommodate the need for quality Soul; Hip-Hop; Spoken
Word and Alternative acts, throughout the southeast and northwest regions.

Divadom Entertainment Group CEO, Nikki Wade, has had over 10 years experience as
an event planner/coordinator; booking agent; host and more than 25 years experience
as a performing artist.  Ms. Wade has been the sole creator and co-creator of many long
running successful events, in the Metro Atlanta and surrounding areas.  Some event
credits are: 'Soulrotica', 'Brown Sugar Thursdays' and 'The Cipher'.

In addition to these events Ms. Wade has booked some of the hottest acts across the
country; such as:  Goapele; Julie Dexter; Darien Brockington; Jill Rock Jones;Jasiri X
; Phillipia; Kelly Love Jones; HBO Def Poet Tommy Bottoms and HBO Def Poet
Jessica Care Moore, just to name a few. Additionally, all Divadom Entertainment
Group events donate a portion of their proceeds to charity. Divadom is an official
contributor to the Christine Marie Hunter Cancer Fund for African American Senior

Divadom Entertainment Group takes an extremely personal approach with each new
business venture and we value every client and artist relationship.  One can be sure that
experience with our company, will be the most exciting and enjoyable experience ever
engaged in!

To Request more info about our company:
Email us: info@divadoment.com
Call us: (678)939-7864